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Tours Extremadura of La Dehesa

Welcome to the Casablanca farm, a place where you’ll have experiences that will allow you to get to know yourself better; a place where you’ll find what you are: nature pure and simple. Enjoy our guided Tours Extremadura.

We’ll help you discover a unique ecosystem with a wealth of nature. It is a place which only exists in the Iberian Peninsula and would be destined to disappear if we did not look after and regenerate it.

Our guided Tours Extremadura will show you what an organic livestock farm is like. You’ll see the animals in their natural habitat and we’ll explain how we carry out our work every day with the utmost respect for the environment.

La Dehesa boasts idyllic landscapes and huge biodiversity (with large numbers of extremely unusual birds, lagoons and pools, asparagus plants, mushrooms, foxes, hares, etc.). You can visit us with your partner, your family or with a group of friends. Together you’ll have the chance to enjoy a real experience to remember, especially if you come with children.

We also offer the option of having lunch with us and recommend that you visit the Cáparra Roman ruins, just one kilometre away.

Combine your visit however you like and discover the real Extremadura. If you belong to a group, association, school, company or any other organisation, we can organise the day to suit you at very affordable prices.

We look forward to… surprising you!

Country food


To enjoy the whole day at La Dehesa, we offer the option of having lunch with us and enjoying our organic produce so that you can combine your visit with a tour of the Cáparra Roman ruins.

We have created a food association and if you become a member you’ll be able to share the many delicious Extremadura delicacies. Thanks to Ambrosía (a bar and shop selling organic produce in Plasencia) you’ll be able to enjoy quality produce as well as the meat from our farm.

All of this is done in true family style and at very reasonable prices.

Actividades Extremadura - Plato de Jamón

Take a trip to Cáparra… You have a date with history

Just one kilometre away from the Casablanca farm is a legacy of our history: the Cáparra Roman ruins. You’ll find the Interpretation Centre at the turn-off to the farm; it has wonderful facilities and the excavations are constantly being improved and extended. You can also get to the ruins on foot by taking the Vía de la Plata Roman road from “Casablanca”, which will take you right up to the arch.

It is free of charge and if you let us know in advance we’ll help you coordinate your visit with the Interpretation Centre staff, especially if you are part of a group. They have a very interesting video of a 3D recreation of what the city and its people were like which will give you a better idea of what you are looking at on the tour.

The city was founded in the year 74AD by Emperor Vespasian, who granted it the status of a Roman city. It covers 15-16 hectares and its most distinctive feature is the 13-metre high four-sided arch. You can also see the thermal baths and the forum area.

Actividades Extremadura - CIUDAD ROMANA DE CÁPARRA

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